August 10, 2022

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The Distinction Between LASIK and PRK

Laser imaginative and prescient correction has a wealthy historical past. It started with the invention of the truth that exposing the cornea to laser radiation of a sure wavelength can vaporize the tissue with out heating. Initially, corrections have been made on the floor of the cornea, such an operation is named PRK. Then the know-how was sophisticated and laser correction was proposed within the inside layers of the cornea, which considerably accelerated the restoration of imaginative and prescient and diminished postoperative discomfort in sufferers. This has led to the widespread use of laser correction all through the world. So the Lasik operation has develop into the most well-liked strategy to do away with myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, and hypermetropia (farsightedness).

PRK methodology

Within the group of superficial laser corrections, this occupies a number one place immediately. After receiving full anesthesia, step one of the PRK surgeon is to take away the epithelial layer from the cornea. It’s evaporated with a laser or eliminated mechanically after a brief publicity to a weak ethanol resolution to “soften” the epithelium. The second stage is laser “sharpening” of the cornea as a way to change the radius of curvature. On the finish of the operation, the working floor is washed and lined with a particular contact lens for a interval of three days. After self-closure of abrasion by the epithelium, the lens is eliminated, and the interval of restoration of imaginative and prescient begins. This takes 2 to 4 weeks. The affected person needs to be prescribed therapeutic drops for 1.5 months.

This operation is extensively used within the following illnesses of the attention optics:

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LASIK methodology

In LASIK eye surgical procedure, a skinny outer flap is fashioned within the inside layers to “polish” the cornea. It consists of its personal corneal tissue and epithelial layer. Lower with a particular software. The flap is fashioned on a pedicle, that’s, it’s not fully minimize off from the cornea. The world below the flap is handled with an excimer laser, as in PRK eye surgical procedure, the flap is returned to its place, the surgical space is washed, and extra fluid is eliminated. Thus, on account of the operation, there isn’t any corneal erosion (the epithelium is preserved), the radius of curvature is modified, and the flap retains the integrity of the cornea below the motion of capillary forces. After a number of hours, the affected person is already evaluating the brand new imaginative and prescient. The following day, on examination, a major improve in imaginative and prescient is decided. Within the following days, imaginative and prescient stays at a excessive stage with slight fluctuations. The affected person drips medicinal drops for 7-10 days and moisturizes the eyes for as much as one month.

This operation is extensively used within the following illnesses of the attention optics:

progressive myopia;

glaucoma (elevated intraocular strain);

cataract (cloudy lens of the attention);

retinal detachment, central dystrophy, and quite a few retinal illnesses;

inflammatory eye illnesses;

pathology of the cornea and different eye illnesses.

At present, each strategies of imaginative and prescient correction are utilized by all clinics. Even though PRK is technologically “outdated”, in some circumstances it has some benefits over all different strategies of laser imaginative and prescient correction.

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Typically, those that resolve to revive good imaginative and prescient have a dilemma: which methodology of laser correction process to decide on, PRK or LASIK? These two methods, carried out by an excimer laser, immediately are fairly in demand in our nation and on the planet as a complete. They’ve many issues in frequent, however no fewer variations. On the similar time, imaginative and prescient correction by PRK and LASIK strategies have barely totally different prices, which very often turns into a decisive argument in favor of 1 or one other methodology.

Within the case when the LASIK methodology is chosen for laser imaginative and prescient correction, that is absolutely justified:

  • The process is characterised by a really quick postoperative restoration of imaginative and prescient operate – only one day, nearly full absence of ache and discomfort, each in the course of the operation and within the postoperative interval.
  • This methodology is appropriate for the correction of adverse circumstances (eg, myopia), and is characterised by the soundness of the outcomes obtained and the potential for performing the operation concurrently on each eyes.

In flip, the PRK operation is carried out in a fully contactless manner. It may be carried out in sufferers with skinny corneal epithelium, which is a contraindication for LASIK.

Through the PRK operation, first, the laser beam removes the higher layer of the corneal epithelium and, upon reaching the stroma, its modeling is carried out to attain the proper concentrate on the specified parameters. On the final stage of the intervention, a bandage (or a particular lens) is utilized to the attention, below which the higher burnt layer of the epithelium is restored for 3-4 days. This course of is kind of painful and there’s a barely better threat of corneal clouding than within the case of LASIK.

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Price of PRK and LASIK procedures

Costs for PRK and LASIK operations are decided by the complexity of the case, in addition to the {qualifications} and standing of the surgeon performing the process. The common PRK price is between $3,600 and $5,600 for each eyes. And the LASIK price varies from $2,200 to $3,200 per eye. The worth can even rely on the clinic you go to and the know-how they use.

Thus, we will conclude that every of those strategies is beneficial and has an amazing impact. However which one you select to do your self or your surgeon will select it, relying in your wants and capabilities.